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Internet Explorer 6.0 has added a new option to the Security/Privacy settings that enables tighter security while still allowing secure sessions with trusted websites. The following will explain what is required as a minimum requirement to use PEIFILM.NET secure submissions.

   First, Launch Internet Explorer.  From the Tools Menu, select "Internet Options..." :

   Next, select the  "Privacy"  tab and then click on the  "Advanced..."  button.

   Under Advanced, make sure the options to "Override automatic cookie handling" and "Always allow session cookies"
      are checked. You can block all other cookies if you choose, but session cookies must be allowed.


 "Session Cookies" Vs "Cookies"

There appears to be some confusion about the issue of browser settings to enable or disable cookies.The main question here stems from the difference between "session cookies" and your standard everyday variety cookies.

The primary difference is that a standard cookie is written to your hard disk and stored there for future visits to a particular site. These types of cookie are used to store preferences and personal information and I would agree that they have a great potential for abuse and misuse.

Session cookies, on the other hand, are never stored or written to disk. They are basically "tokens" generated at authentication and contain only information regarding your session authentication between the browser and the host server. This can greatly reduce the number and amount of transmitted data over the wire. Web users can log on once to a server, then access any other server in the same DNS domain that are enabled for without logging on again. This is necessary since we use multiple servers to provide high availability. They are stored dynamically in memory and are destroyed immediately upon ending your session (logging out or closing your browser).

There are options in IE 5.5 and up to allow only session cookies. At a minimum, session cookies are required. In version 6.0 there is an additional feature to allowor deny access to specific URL's.


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