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PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND FILM NETWORK is maintained by a group of editors and all submissions are subject to editor evaluation. We care a great deal about the quality of the directory. We don't accept all submissions, so please don't take it personally should your profile not be accepted. To assist us in exercising our editorial discretion, we have set up policies for submitting profiles for our consideration.  We may reject, delete, or edit submissions that violate these policies or that we otherwise believe, in our sole discretion, should not be included in the directory.

You should take a few moments to understand these policies and the steps to make a submission before you begin.  Failure to understand and follow these instructions generally will result in the rejection of a submission. 

Step One  (Appropriate Submissions)

Submissions that are not in compliance with our Submission Policy below will be rejected or removed:

  PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND FILM NETWORK has a policy against the inclusion of websites with illegal content. Examples of illegal material include child pornography; libel; material that infringes any intellectual property right; and material that specifically advocates, solicits or abets illegal activity (such as fraud or violence).

  Do not submit any non existing companies. If you are submitting a DBA (Doing Business As), make sure to include it as a part of your company name. Example: New Wave Productions DBA.

  If you are submitting a COMPANY, you must provide a complete contact information with a current physical address of your office. If your company has offices in a few regions, you should make separate submissions and specify different contact information for each of them.

  People (INDIVIDUALS) should only make submissions under the region of their current residence. If you move to another region, you should update your directory listing with new contact information.

  Do not disguise your submission and submit more than once in the same category.

  If your profile falls under different categories you can make separate submissions for each of them. However, they must reflect differences of these categories. Do not make Mirror (100% identical submissions.)

  Under the Profile URL, you should submit:

           - URL of your relevant professional website (people) or official corporate website (companies);
           - A link to your IMDb profile (actors, filmmakers, production personnel).

      We do not accept:

               a) Links to company websites (for personal profiles);
               b) Links to personal websites (for corporate profiles);
               c) Links to profiles in social networks (MySpace, Friendster, etc.);
               d) Links to pages hosted under the third-party websites.
               e) Links to website "Under Construction";
               f) Links to websites with addresses that redirect to another address.

  Do not submit any companies or individuals other then you authorized to submit. An unauthorized or a fake submission is considered an offence! If you are a Talent or Literally agent who wish to submit multiple clients to the directory, you must have their individual permissions to do that.

  Do not submit any materials (Pictures, Videos, Audio Samples, Scripts, etc.) other than your own. If you do not own the copyright for a specific media, you must receive the permission from a copyright owner.

Step Two  (Submission Category)

Identify the best category for your submission. PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND FILM NETWORK has a large array of subjects to choose from. You should make submissions only to relevant categories. Submissions to inappropriate or unrelated categories may be rejected or removed.

Step Three  (Country, Region and City of your Residence)

Specify the location of your current residence. If you permanently relocate in the future, you will need to update the location of your residence.

Step Four  (Submission Form)

Creating a profile with PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND FILM NETWORK is a lot like writing a Resume or an Executive Summary. It has one purpose – to market your services, skills and professional background to a prospective clients and/or employers.

Please include only objective information about your experience and services. Submitting a promotional descriptions rather than objective may prevent your submission from being accepted to the directory.

It's imperative that you enter real Registrant Name and Registrant E-mail. This information will not appear in the directory. We will never sell your contact information or use it for anything beside your service matters. Every submission is carefully checked by our staff. The submissions with incorrect contact information will be automatically rejected.

Step Five  (Payment)

Your account should be activated within 48 hours of your payment guarantee. You will be e-mailed a complete Welcome Letter with your PEIFILM.NET ID and the URL to your directory profile.

Procedure After Your Profile is Submitted

Our editing team will review your submission to determine whether to include it in the directory.  It may take up to ten business days for your submission to be reviewed.

We take all feedback seriously and give it our thoughtful consideration.  But please remember that we must exercise our discretion and make numerous judgment calls as to how to make PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND FILM NETWORK as useful as possible -- no matter what decision we make, we may not always satisfy everyone.

Updating Your Profile

After your submission is approved, you can update your profile at any time. Any modification to your profile is a subject to editorial review and approval.

Important: For security purposes, all update requests and/or client communications must be sent ONLY from the Registrant Email account. Any communications received from an account other than registrant will not be processed. We do not identify the person who sent the email but the FROM: address. Therefore, we are not responsible for any unauthorized changes coming from the registrant E-mail account.

This is responsibility of our customers to keep their registrant E-mail accounts safe and secure.

Editorial Discretion

Please recognize that making PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND FILM NETWORK a useful resource requires us to exercise broad editorial discretion in determining the content and structure of the directory.  That discretion extends (but is not limited) to what profiles to include, where in the directory profiles are placed, when deep linking is appropriate, and the content of the title and description of the site. 

In addition, a profile’s placement in the directory is subject to change or deletion at any time at our sole discretion. You should not rely on any aspect of a site's inclusion in the directory.  Please understand that an editor's exercise of discretion may not always treat all submissions equally. You may not always agree with our choices, but we hope you recognize that we do our best to make fair and reasonable decisions.


Please let us know how we can improve the service. Thanks!

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