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•     In order to confirm the validity of the Update Request, you must send it from your Registrant Email Account.
•     You must NOT submit material that is copyrighted, protected by trade secret or otherwise subject to third        party proprietary rights, including privacy and publicity rights, unless you are the owner of such rights or        have permission from their rightful owner to post the material.
•     Only professional Demo Materials are accepted. No amateur photos, home videos, etc.
Step 1 - Update Form
    Click on the following button below to open the Media Update Form :           
Step 2 - Preparation of the Materials
          Main PHOTO  (Only For People:  i.e. Director, Producer, Gaffer, etc.)

               •    File Format:      JPEG
               •    Image Size:      108x135 pixels or larger.

Important:   Face must be clearly visible (Headshot).  No shots from behind; No artwork; No group shots.


          Company Banner  (Only For Companies:  i.e. Film Studio, Talent Agency, Television Station, etc.)

               •    Image Size:      120x60 pixels or 120x90 pixels


          PHOTO GALLERY     -    Example

               •    File Format:      JPEG
               •    Image Size:      312x390 pixels or larger.

          VIDEO DEMO REELS    -    Example

          Our directory supports video embedding from leading video sharing portals: YouTubeMySpace  and  IFILM.

               •    Demo Reel Types:      Acting, Directing, Editing, Cinematography, Stunts, Corporate, Commercial.
               •    Acceptable Sources:      YouTubeMySpace  and  IFILM
               •    Number of Embedded Videos:      Unlimited

Step 3 - Naming your Files

          Main PHOTO  (Only For People)

               •    YourID-Photo.jpg 

          Company BANNER  (Only For Companies)

               •    YourID-Banner.jpg

                !    YourID is your PEIFILM.NET ID  that was sent to you with our "Welcome E-mail"     !


          Please, name your images in accordance with examples below. YourID is your PEIFILM.NET ID  that was sent to you
          with our "Welcome E-mail".

                    •    YourID-main.jpg (Main Image)
                    •    YourID-1.jpg
                    •    YourID-2.jpg
                    •    YourID-3.jpg
                    •    YourID-4.jpg
                    •    YourID-5.jpg


           After you upload your video to either YouTube, MySpace or IFILM, please send us your Embedding Code.

                   EXAMPLES of the Embedding Codes  (YouTube,  MySpace,  IFILM) :




Step 4 - E-Mail your Update Request to our Support Team

1)  Copy the UPDATE FORM and paste it into your E-mail browser.

2)  Replace [***] with very specific instructions on how you want us to Add, Remove or Update your media files.

3)  Add your media files (Banner, Photos, Resume, etc.) as ATTACHMENTS to the E-Mail.

4)  Submit your Update Request by sending an E-Mail from your Registrant E-mail Account to our  Support Team.

•  Into the SUBJECT LINE of your E-Mail, enter:          ID -- Profile Update

where "ID" is your PEIFILM.NET ID.


***   If you have LOST your PEIFILM.NET ID, please refer to the F.A.Q. for instructions on how to find it.

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