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PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND FILM NETWORK ( www.peifilm.net ) is part of the Advertising Media Alliance representing trade and professional publications in 40 industries including FILM, VIDEO and INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT.


PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND FILM NETWORK is built on a comprehensive business directory connecting all facets of the film and media industry in Prince Edward Island — from Motion Picture Production and Financing to Distribution, Entertainment Law and Industry Events.

This database is an essential tool for filmmakers, producers, casting directors, production managers and studio executives who can browse business and personnel directories, research products and services, obtain maps and directions, plan entertainment, leisure and business activities.


PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND FILM NETWORK includes an informational guide to local film industry, government and administration, community services, history, culture and recreation:

    •  Prince Edward Island Tax Credits.
    •  Filming in Prince Edward Island.
    •  Location Resource Guide.
    •  Permits.
    •  Production Guide.


The PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND MEDIA NEWSWIRE provides Publicity and News Coverage of industry events, projects, companies and personnel in Prince Edward Island and throughout Canada. Publicity articles and press releases are targeted toward audiences familiar with the subject described within the articles. Videos and photos help to deliver a message that is exciting, relevant, and memorable.


PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND FILM NETWORK is a provider of the industry recruitment and job search solutions in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Our employment center features quick and easy navigation, up-to-date job offers, intelligent search tools, and messaging functions.

Each employment posting can showcase videos and publicity photos. This allows employers to talk about the position, visually describe and promote their job offerings.


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